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Community Group

How do we guarantee that we can meet with God and find his help? Good question. At Trinity, we think the answer is fairly simple: people should open the Bible together, read and discuss it together, then pray together for power and courage to act on what they’ve seen about God. That process is called Discipleship… and it’s what we’re all about at Trinity. 

Children's Ministry

The children of Trinity Church are our greatest resource, so we ask God to make us faithful in training them to live for God, to love others, and to serve Him with excellence and joy. Here’s what we’re doing with them each week:


Growing up in church can be tough. Especially into the teen years, it’s hard to know how to reconcile what you’ve learned as a kid with the increasing pressures of school and work. That’s why we are so grateful that God’s strengthened our church with teenagers who love God and want to rally together to build up their friends.

Ageless Grace

We’re grateful to be a church with a rich history of God’s faithfulness. One of our richest assets as a church family is the folks who have been faithful members from the beginning of our church and who have walked with the Lord for years. In addition to encouragement, meetings provide a context for fellowship and teaching for the unique needs of this season of life. 

Women's & Men's Ministry

Women's and Men's Ministries function mainly in small-groups but offer regular gatherings and activities as well. Current small group studies have been designed to bring encouragement and help for the goals and struggles that are specific to the needs of our members.

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