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Meeting during the 
week throughout Greater Cleveland

Isn’t it easy to settle for shallow conversation?  Far too often, we talk in a way that gives the impression that we care about each other, but sometimes you have to wonder… “Do people care how I’m really doing?" At Trinity, we’re trying to fight against that tendency to be superficial.  


Since it’s easy for all of us to fall into those patterns, we’ve set up smaller communities as the backbone of our relationships in the church. Community Groups exist to help us apply the message of grace to the realities of daily life.  Everyday life is where we struggle to believe God’s grace, it’s where we battle temptation, and it’s where we have the greatest opportunity to bring glory to God.  


For that reason, we use these meetings to follow up on things we’ve been learning together from studies, books, or sermons. Of course, there are plenty of other things going on in these neighborhood meetings.  These are great places to build lasting friendships, to serve each other, to reach out into our local community, and to exercise gifts that God has given His church.

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