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Welcome to Trinity!


Thanks for taking some time to get to know what’s happening at Trinity Church. We hope you can see that the people who make up this community are a lot like you. Despite our differences and unique ways of approaching life, there’s one consistent similarity we all share: we need God more than anything else in life.

At Trinity, we’ve set things up to remind us that God (who could do anything He wanted) loved us so much that He came to rescue us. God the Father saw our need and planned our salvation; Jesus died and rose to redeem our lives; the Spirit opened our eyes to His love and empowers our walk with God today. What better news is there?

So, check out our site a bit more. We hope it will help you get to know us… more importantly, we hope it will help you to get acquainted with God. Feel free to call us or visit anytime if you’d like to know Him better.


For all of us at Trinity,

Darren Lander

Lead Pastor

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