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What the Spirit Says to the Churches (2:7 ... 3:22)

Each of the seven times Jesus addressed a church, He closed with the phrase: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."  It's similar to a phrase Jesus used a lot when He was teaching on earth, but it's unique in three ways: (1) even though Jesus was just talking, He says people should listen to the Spirit, (2) He says in each case that the "churches" should be listening, and (3) He tells us to listen to what the Spirit "says" - not "said".

More than just being unique or interesting, this is good - it's good news. All throughout these two chapters Jesus is talking to them with His eyes on us as well. When Jesus encourages them for being faithful, doctrinal, loving and pure, He's encouraging us too; and when he corrects their errors and half-hearted zeal, He's warning us to be careful in the same ways.

This is one of the benefits Jesus promised when He left: He promised that the Spirit would bring to mind what Jesus taught. That promise given to the disciples is as true today for us as we follow Jesus. We're not alone, He didn't leave us as orphans ... we hear Jesus' words for us just as powerfully as those 1st Century churches did - and that's good news we need right now. 

So, if you've got ears, listen to what the Spirit says, to you, today. 

Discussion Questions

  • What is so great about the idea that the Spirit  speaks to us today, and does this change they way we should read the Bible?

  • What other passages come to mind about how the Spirit speaks today?

    • Hint: check out Hebrews 3:7-11 and Psalm 95:7-11 ... and the story they both reference.

    • What would change about the way you heard and read Scripture if you believed God wanted to speak to you today?

    • What would change about how you lived? spoke? and shared the gospel with others?

Take Time to Pray

  • Praise God for never changing across all time as the Holy and Righteous One. 

  • Thank God for being a constant communicator with us, His people.

  • Ask God to build your faith to read and to know His Word and to hear His voice as you read.


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