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Since we started the book of Revelation in the Fall, we've seen glorious moments filled with God's beauty as well as terrifying moments picturing God's wrath. This little blog series will be sent out to remind you that amidst all the pictures and symbols of this book, and amidst all the trials and fears of our day, Jesus has shown us plenty of Good News in this book. And that good news started right out of the gate in the first verse: "The revelation of Jesus Christ..." In our opening look at this book, we paused over the word "of." Everything John sees and shows us - the entire "revelation" - belongs to Jesus (so it's "of Jesus" in that sense); but more than that, the revelation is about Jesus ... a revelation "of Jesus" in that it will show Him to us. And that's the good news we start with today. Because everything else we think we need right now (good news about our economy, our health, our future) pales in comparison to what we really need. We need to see Jesus today, to meet with Jesus today, to be assured that (no matter the rest of the news we get today) the best news we need is the news we already have: nothing will separate us from Jesus and His continual love for us.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think of when you think of the book of Revelation?

  • Does it seem weird to think of it as containing "good news"

  • From our study in Revelation so far, how have we "seen" Jesus so far in the different images and pictures that John has painted for us?

  • Hint: read Rev 1:12, 5:5-6, 8:1-5, 14:1-5 ...

  • What do these different pictures show us about Jesus?

Take Time to Pray

  • Praise God for being the One who reveals Himself to us. 

  • Thank God that He has given us this book to help us through scary times like the one we're in now.

  • Ask God to remind us that Jesus is all we need right now.

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