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7th - 12th grade

Look around on an average Sunday morning and you’ll find teens serving all over the place. One of the reasons for this is because many teens at Trinity aren’t ashamed to give their lives for Jesus. Put bluntly, we don’t think it’s strange to find teens who love God and who live for His mission.


At Trinity our teens meet regularly in a meeting we call MOMENTUM, and we put a lot of thought into these meetings to help our teens grow closer to God and more committed to Him.


All our meetings are built around God’s Word. Monthly meetings include games, teaching, and often loud worship. Our small groups give teens a better chance to discuss what they’ve learned and how they can put truth into action.


Lastly, while the teenage years have been depicted by our culture as a time of conflict with parents, we’re not convinced. Instead, this is an age of opportunity. For that reason , we welcome parents to our meetings so they can be equipped as well. Our goal is to train, not to replace, parents, and you’ll often find parents attending teachings and praying for their teens during the meeting.


If you’re interested and want to learn more about when and where we’ll be meeting, please look below at our upcoming events. Additionally, to find out more, reach out in the form below!

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Sept. 13!

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